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1.He had so little education that he was unfit for this job.他所受教育很少,不适合做这个工作.2.He had so many falls that he was black and blue all over.摔了很多跤,以致于全身上下青一块,紫一块的.3.He runs so fast that nobody can catch up with

so…that:太……以致…… 1、He is so old that he can't work. 他太老了,不能工作. 2、The box is so heavy that I can't lift it.箱子太沉了,我抬不起来. 3、The girl is so beautiful that everybody likes her.这个小女孩太漂亮了

有两个用法:一是sothatShe was so angry that she broke the TV.二是so that,意思是"以便,为了"或者"所以,于是"I fixed the TV so that we can watch it tonight.

he is so young that she can't look after herself 他太小了,不能照顾自己

he is too young to go to school.he is so young that he cannot go to school.

so that句型造句:They may be able to help with childcare so that you can have a break 他们可以帮忙照料孩子,这样你就可以歇一歇了.All right, so that's that. 好吧!这事儿就这样了啦.I set up the computer so that they could work from home. 我

I got up early so that I could catch the first bus.我起了个大早,以便于赶上早班车.

so + 形容词+ that 如此…以致 He is so late that he miss the early bus.so that 以便 He got up early so that he could get the early bus

in order to finish my homework, i must spent two extra hours.为了完成作业,他花了额外2小时 he ran quickly so as to catch the last bus. 他跑得很快以便赶上那末班车. he is so young that she can't look after herself. 他太小以至于不能照顾自己 please open the window so that we can breathe fresh air. 请开窗以便通风

这有等等许多的意思 there are books,rulers,watches and or so in the shop.

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