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only onE son 用什么提问

how many sons does the greens have?

这个one 可以理解为一个那么提问用:How many 还可以理解为一元那么提问用:How much看具体情况啦!

how many


答案:How many apples are there in the bowl? 不管是一个苹果还是多个苹果,提问时都用how many apples?

应该是how soon吧how soon意为“还有多长时间,还需要多长时间”,用于将来时中对将来的时间提问.

How many watches are there in your pocket?

对划线部分提问练习 His father is an engineer.(对划线部分提问) ______ his father's ___ ____?My first name is Tom.(改为同义句) My __ _____ ________ is Toms.Mr King is from America.(对划线部分提问) ______ is Mr King _____ __

How many eggs does Tom eat for breakfast in the morning? (egg为可数名词)

你好!a very rich man once called his twenty-four-year old son to meet him .he gave his son one billion dollars and asked him to get一个非常富有的人曾称他24岁的老儿子去见他.他给他的儿子,让他得到十亿美元

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