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Joyce wanted to include a feature about memory in theschool newspaper. She and her editors all agreed to write shortarticles on the topic.ARTHURI know hat we have a short-term memory and a long-term memory.When we get old, our short-term

不行,memory是名词,应该用形容词memorial,corner虽是角落的意思,但是用于实指街角角落,而汉语中的这个“角落”其实指记忆深处难以发掘的东西,或隐藏的东西,用foxhole可以,连为the memorial foxhole

Memory, forgotten in the corner记忆在角落里被忘却 Forgot that is only the excuse 忘掉它其实只是个借口I have overturned the all the world , have been to lay bare the inverted image rectifying yo

Memory1.记忆;记忆力[U][S1][(+for)]His phone number has slipped my memory.他的电话号码我记不起来了.2.记忆的范围[U]3.留在记忆中的人(或事物);回忆[C]The photograph brings back many pleasant memories.这张

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