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may as well, 通常用might as well 还不如,也好的意思 might as well and may as well a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it. 一个短语表示也许做某件事比不做要好.Bill: Should we try to get there for the first

May as well和might as well都表示“也可以这样;不妨如此.” May 是现在时的形式,表示现在或者将来的事情;也表示对现在或者将来的事情的推测,可能性比might要大一点.You may see him today / tomorrow. 你今天/明天可以看见他.might


may as well和might as well的区别是什么?“may as well”和“might as well”的意思都可以解释为:“不妨”、“还是…为好”,区别在于用 might 比用 may 语气更委婉.如:I'm ready,so we might as well go now.我已准备好,不如我们现在就

这是有关 well 不同搭配作状语的两个方面的问题1. 作“有理由地、可能地”讲,与情态动词 may/might/can/could 搭配表示“有充分的理由可以”或“有可能”.如: You may well say so. 你很有理由这样说. We might well make the

may [might] (just) as well… 意为“不妨”、“还是…为好”等,用 might 比用 may 语气更委婉.如: I'm ready,so I might as well go now.我已准备好,因此不妨现在就走. There's nothing to do, so I may [might] as well go to bed. 既然没什么事

We may as well seize the day to do some real work.再看看别人怎么说的.

may as well 意思是“还是的好”等同于it is better to do

第二个和最后一个都是同样的一起 也 区别在于 第二个 是介词 放在句中连接成分 最后一个放在句末 不接任何成分.第一个不好意思哦 我忘了

may well主要用于加强推测的语气,表示具有较大的可能性.如:It may well be true. 那很可能是真的.What you say may well be true. 你说的很可能是事实.Her grandpa may well be over eighty. 她的祖父可能已有80多岁了.That may well have

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