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weddings in the united states vary as much as the people do. there are church weddings with a great deal of fanfare; there are weddings on mountain-tops with guests barefooted; and there have been weddings on the ocean floor with oxygen tanks


freddy the frog课文:Not long after Freddy and the band became famous,they visited Britain on a brief tour.Fans showed their devotion by waiting for hours to get tickets for their concerts.Freddy was now quite confident when he went into a concert

The Virtues of Growing Older (长大变老有好处) Our society worships youth. Advertisements convince us to buy Grecian Formula and Oil of Olay so we can hide the gray in our hair and smooth the lines on our face. Television shows feature

新视野大学英语第二版第四单元A text of true love原文及中文翻译 Passage A A Test ofTrue Love Six minutes to six, said the digital clock over the information desk in GrandCentral Station.John Blandford, a tall young armyofficer, focused his

stack the deck [英][stk dek][美][stk i dk]事先准备或安排,以欺骗方式做牌; 例句:1.Another way colleges and universities stack the deck is by allowing studentsor their parents to front the costs of two, three or even four years of

'O'ER the glad waters of the dark blue sea, 我的海盗的梦,我的烧杀劫掠的使命 Our thoughts as boundless, and our soul's as free在暗蓝色的海上,海水在欢快地泼溅 Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam, 我们的心如此自由,思绪辽远

最好不要这样比,variety和varieties在单数和复数两种形态下,分别取不同的语义,需要根据语境体会差别:(以下根据牛津字典) 表示“相同事物的不同种类(的状态)”,因此variety只能使用单数形式,没有复数形式,即我们常说的a variety of后面加可数名词复数形式,但总体是单数概念,表现为there be句型中的动词单数,例如:There is a variety of flowers.而variety作复数varieties,表示“种类,类别”,对比上一条,a variety表示“一种”,varieties表示“多种”,因此使用语境一般是several/different varities of sth.

<the triumph of the egg》的中文翻译 相信, 爸爸是生来是一个活泼开朗的人. 三十四岁之前, 他一直在俄亥俄州毕兑奥镇的汤巴托农场打短工. 他自己有匹马, 每周六晚上都骑马到镇上和一帮雇农混上个几个钟头. 本海德酒吧那时整晚觥筹交错

the spirit of marathon马拉松精神

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