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BE gooD with sB

be good with sb 和某人相处愉快、和某人友好相处 双语例句 He must be good with kids. 他必须跟孩子相处得好.

be good to 是对友好 例如:My friend was good to me when I was ill.我生病时我的朋友对我关怀备至.My friend was good to me when i meet troubles.我的朋友对我非常友好当我遇到困难时.be good with 是灵巧的;与……相处得好 例如:She is good with her hands.她手很巧.He is very good with the children.他与这些孩子处得很好.


be good for sb to do sth对某人来说做某事是好的.强调to do sth.be good of sb to do sth 某人做某事是好的.强调sb.it is good for you to help me.动作好.it is good of you to help me.人好.

be good with是什么意思be good with是和某人相处的好 相当于get on well with sb.be good with还有擅长的意思!请采纳~

be good with sth/sb可意为与……相处的好be good to 意为对……友好望采纳^__^

be good with somebody是指与相处不错 这里可以造句He's good with children,他和孩子们相处得不错

造句1.be good with SB 和某人相处得好 He is good with his classmates. 他和同学们相处得好.be good at deing 应该是 be good at doing 擅长做某事 He is good at playing the piano. 他擅长弹钢琴.2.be husy doing 应该是be busy doing 忙于做某


I get along well with my friends.(I am good with my friend.)括号里的不确定..be good with sb.如果是对的话,这句话就是对的be 在这里就是指be动词.

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