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有一首日语歌,开头歌词oh mothEr FukEr,叫啥名?

歌曲名:《Oh Mother》歌手:Christina Aguilera所属专辑:《Back To Basics:Live Down Under》发行时间:2008-02-05 发行公司:SONY MUSIC歌词:Whoa, oh, yeah,She was so young with such innocent eyesShe always dreamt of a fairytale

Negative - Motherfucker (Just Like You) Since birth you wandered on the streetsDoing drugs to kill bad self-esteemNever looking out for compromiseNow you're gone in hell and I realizeThat I've seenMotherfuckers, motherfuckers just like youWho

Oh My Darlin' - 中ノ森BAND ?歌曲一开头就是 Oh My Darlin' Darlin' Darlin' Darlin' 试听:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjUxOTg0NjA=.html 下载:http://mp3.baidu.com/m?tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lm=-1&word=Oh%20My%20Darlin%27%20%D6%D0%A5%CE%C9%ADBAND

你好!Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend 试听:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/B8lOZX-6RUQ下载:http://cgi.music.soso.com/fcgi-bin/m.q?w=Lenka+-+Trouble+Is+A+Friend+&p=1&source=1&t=0是这首吗?我的回答你还满意吗~~

《BBoom BBoom》MoMoland Just feel it boomboom搜累哟诺哇那诶ruang得biu(ruang得biu)内嘛没jio大咯大慢得路(慢得路)挤更能努内努内努内,你哦给莫路 抱 oh苏米他马ki过嘎他南诺慢博秒Wow wow聪西内堵闹闹你没流克 ,南南诺

Beast的5 My baby 额 是Bigbang

MASAYUME CHASING 演唱者: BoA (avex trax) 梦を追って 迷いんだ 心の森の奥 镜より 澄んだ泉 映る歪んだSmile こぼれたは (Don't Cry) 金でも银でもなくて ありふれた (Fall From My Eyes) 女神もづかない Masayume

Oh Mother歌词-Christina Aguilera(克里斯汀娜.阿吉莱拉) OH MOTHERWhoa, oh, yeah,She was so young with such innocent eyesShe always dreamt of a fairytale lifeAnd all the things your money can't buyShe thought daddy was a wonderful

女的唱的话应该是Oh My Darlin' 以下歌词 看看对否 Oh My Darlin' - 中ノ森BAND 作词/作曲:シライシ纱トリ From:KTV系「鬼嫁日记」主题歌 Oh My Darlin' Darlin' Darlin' Darlin' 心をこめて 素直な自分 素朴(そぼく)な时间 忘れないように

是oh 吗 少女时代的歌 日文版

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