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I have been learning English for three years, and previously I do not want to learn English, because I think it was too hard. Later I found that learning English is actually quite

learn English

1, English is the world's 2 most widely used language to learn advanced Western science and technology is conducive to international exchanges 3, expanding horizons, increase knowledge of all aspects of 4, the time spent learning English too

ave made some accomplishment in learning/study accomplishment [简明英汉词典] n, 技艺 希望能帮助到你.成就.祝你学习进步, 完成 参考资料:top牛人团

你好.学英语 翻译成英语是:learn English.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

I have learned English since I was in middle school.At that time,I don't like English so much,because I don't know why we should learn it.Now,many Chinese are learning English,but tne persons who practise it is very short.


我要学英语 I want to learn English

1.中性语气:how do you learn English? 2.生气语气:how the hell you learn English?

1. Our English teachers love to help us learn English.2. All the students are good at playing computer games. (这里一定是玩电脑游戏)3. I don't like this coat. Please show me another one.4. The teacher spent two hours teaching us English.希望对你有帮助

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