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I feel very pity!

首先我感到非常抱歉 first of all, i'm very sorry

1.of lost time is a great pity, but a tortuous experience let me mature, independent lot.2 I got friends.3.I worked in restaurants and clothing stores are worked for nearly a year, so I think in the service industry, I still have some experience.4 .may I

1、I am very sorry.真的很抱歉.2、Sorry, I'm (really/so/terribly) sorry. I mean it! 对不起.我感到(实在很非常)抱歉.其他常用的口语表达还有:3、It's all my fault. 都是我的错.4、I don't mean it.我不是故意的.5、I feel sorry/bad/ for it.我

I feel sorry for himSo I feel sorry\"

有以下三种方式表达:1、what a pity it is!,真遗憾!2、I am so sorry for it!,我很抱歉!3、I feel regretful for hearing that!,我为听到这件事感到遗憾!根据您的描述,您也可以说Oh,really?! How come?!.从语气上就可以表达“遗憾”.拓

I am very sorry

i feel very relaxed today.主语是人是用ed形式的,是物是用ing 的,与之类似的也有surprised ,surprsing .interesting ,interested.

Welcome your coming near me! I feel rather happy.Welcome your coming beside me! I feel rather nice.

听到这些我感到很遗憾.I' m sorry to hear that.

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