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For sb.

为他点赞 thumb up for himgive a like to him (like 是脸 书这么用,名词)

"likes"表示“点赞” 例如:how many likes did you get from updated status in wechat?你刚刚更新微信朋友圈状态,得了多少赞?

“点赞”Point praise"“点赞”Point praise"

赞” is basically used as a verb meaning “to praise” or “to laud.” However, it can also be used as an adjective to mean “something/someone is great or marvelous.” Ex1:We should learn to praise ourselves.我们要学会给自己 点赞.Ex2:Mother's Day is coming, so let's show our admiration to our mothers!

(1)like, 有点像微信里的爱心,表示喜欢也可以表示赞;例如: I liked all your posts yesterday! 我昨天给你所有的文都点了个赞!(2)give a thumbs-up, “thumbs-up”就是翘起大拇指,也就是肢体语言的比个赞;例如: If you like this video,

为中国点赞A point of praise for China 重点词汇

为中国点赞 A point of praise for China 重点词汇 中国China; the People's Republic of China; Sino-; PRC


朋友圈点赞 Friends punctuate praise英 [preiz] 美 [prez] n. 赞扬,称赞; 崇拜; 赞词; v. 赞扬,赞美; 歌颂; 崇拜;

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