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One possible version: 一个可能的版本: June 8, 2005 2005年6月8日 Dear Sir, 亲爱的先生, I'm sorry to tell you that I can't go to school today, I've caught a cold because I swam in the school's swimming pool yesterday. 我很遗憾地告诉你,我

英语请假条范文英文如下:Dear Mr/Ms XXX:Today I'm writing to you to ask for a five-day leave, for I've got cold last night with carelessness.This morning my mother took me to see the doctor, who told me to stay in bed for some days. So I am very

September, 28th, 2007Dear Mr.Zhou,I have a bad headache today. I cough all the time. And I also have a bad fever, too. My mother will take me to see the doctor. Can I ask for leave today?Your student,Li Ming

Respectful teacher :Because, my mother a sudden illness, high fever, hospitalization, people need to take care of. And my father also had a business trip to Beijing. Therefore, I need to leave for two days. Special request, the teacher approval.Leave

Dear teacher,I am feeling very well this morning. I think I've caught a cold and need to see the doctor. So I'm asking for 1 day leave. Please allow my request. Thanks. Yours Xiaoming 亲爱的老师,我今天早上感觉不太舒服.我想我感冒了,要去看医生.所以特向您请假一天,请批准.学生:小明

Dear Mr/Ms ,I'm not feeling very well today. I've got a bad cold. My father took me to see a doctor this morning, and the doctor looked me over carefully and gave me some medicine. He also advised me to stay in bed for a day. So I can't go to

假如你是Tom,你昨天(5月20日)感冒,发烧、头痛,感到很累.去看医生,医生要你休息两天,按时吃药,多喝水.所以你想请假两天,回到学校后,一定补上所缺的功课.请给你的老师Mr Smith 写一张请假条,60~80词左右.假条的开头

Asking For Leave(请假条) To: Teacher From: XX(your name) Date: April 15th, 2008 I am sorry! I'm sick today. I can't go to school!But I will study by myself!I hope I will be fine soon and go to school! 希望帮到你!

Dear Teacher, I'm sorry I have to trouble you. But I really need to have a day off. After school yesterday afternoon, I felt terrible. My father took me to see the doctor. The doctor looked me over. He said I had a bad cold and really needed to have a good

June 19, Thursday Mr. Johnson, I'm so sorry that I have to ask for leave,because I have get a serious cough and I wan to see a doctor. Most of the work has been completed,so I would like to ask a leave in Firday. I will give you a call after I go back

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