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as students we often meet with many difficulties . so how to deal with them is very important for us. first i think we should talk with our friends or our family to share our trouble with them so that they can give us some advice. second we should talk to our

My Difficulties in Learning English There have been many difficulties in learning English during the past …… years, but I managed to overcome them and made much progress. The spelling and meaning of words can be said to be the first difficulty I

Learning English just like learning any other language, is hard work so my first advice is to spend much time practicing using English every day. Besides, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class. Go over what is learnt regularly

dear xxx :i'm pleased that you trusted me and told me the learning difficulties you met.i will help you analysis these difficulties and give you some suggestion.i remember when i was a student , examination was a big problem for me. because i was not

The way to solve the problems Each person has their own problems. Fat problem , thin problem, high problem. short problem. And we also have the problems in the study. How do we solve our problems in the study? Worry to be like a faithful and

I have some difficulty in learning English. For example, I can't tell the difference between written English and spoken English. Sometimes I often make mistakes while speaking to others. Talking about English study,I think practice is necessary and

有些人当他们遇到困难的时候,他们会很沮丧,他们不愿意再继续去实现他们的梦想(也可以直翻译为:他们的梦想也因此而化为灰烬).they just want to find a place and stay at there for a long time.so they won't have a great success in the end.

这是一篇范文,不是自己写的. I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals: they sound exactly the same in my dialect.Thus, I had a hard time

Nowadays, English has become the international standard language. As China is stepping to the internationalization, learning English is more and more important. But many people find it hard to learn English well. According to my own learning

我们必须面对失败 我们都知道:“失败是成功之母.”但真正理解这句话的人却不多. 我相信,世界上没有一个人敢说他一生中从没遇到过任何麻烦.因此,我们必须面对失败.其实,失败并不可怕,重要的是如何正确看待它.敢于面对失败

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