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I may need to ask this question today.

Until now I've been in school for a month. until now 到目前为止; have been in school for a month. 用have been表示从过去某一段时间一直持续到现在的状态或者做的事

今天上午,我有事要出去一下。 This morning, I have something to go out.

Till today, I come to figure out what is the dream!

手工翻译如下 I will be 70 kilograms after this day of the next year.

“今天我的身体有点不舒服。”用英语翻译是: Today, I feel a little bit uncomfortable. 句子解释: today 英[təˈdeɪ] 美[təˈde] adv. 现在; 现今; (在) 今天; 现代,当代; n. 现今; 今天,今日; 现代,当代; [例句]...

您好,翻译为 we. have. a. lot of work. to. do. today. 希望帮助您

today,I want to sing a song for you

Let's interview some presentatives today.

Today, we're going to show you the best. 今天我们要把最好的一面展现给大家

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