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1.what are you doing? 2. are you ok? how are you? 3. hello/ how do you do? 4. how old are you? 5. are you? 6. are you again? 7. what are you doing?

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1. In the course of life, we will meet many people who can give happiness to us. Some wil walk with us shoulder to shoulder, viewing the turns of tides; some only get along with us temporarily. They can be called 'friends'.2.Friend is a good teacher in

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This is a true story about me. May they think its boring when heard the word “Past life”. If I tell you I still remember my past lives, do you believe me? Below I will tell you the truth. My past life is an Irish, Ireland is British colonies in that time , so I

A, competition project Category(a) of Wushu Routine Competition1, individual projects: where the North-South School Wushu, Tai Chi, Mulan Boxing, Wushu boxing boxing and weapon the Danlian personal projects.Note: the above personal

Man Road About Man Road Man Road Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is a commitment to the use of the Internet to promote the development of domestic Comics company, we focus on creating original comic has its

Today I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the dream is how to realize the once a writer said: "the man without a dream is a loser". This sentence has been engraved in my heart. I in order to become a successful person, have a


Glad to see you all, it's a honour for me to have this interview. now i will briefly introduce myself. i know about this school via internet and some of the comments on school's offical website. i really hope to join the school and to start my studying

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