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1、be friendly to,英 [bi: frendli tu:] 美 [bi frndli tu] 释义:对…友好/友善 She be friendly to everybody. 她对所有的人都友善.2、zdbe nice to sb 释义:对某内人友好 Not exactly, but at least they should be nice to me. 倒也不是,至少他们得

对某人友好的英语短语是be friendly to.be friendly to 英[bi: frendli tu:] 美[bi frndli tu] [词典] 对…友好/友善; [例句]It was cage's own fault if she felt missed out at the party; she made no effort tobe friendly to people.如果凯奇觉得在聚会上受

一般用be friendly with(或be friendly to),个人认为be good at 不能作为对某人友好的意思,这个词组的意思是“擅长做某事”,“喜爱做某事”.

be friendly to sb.例如: Our English teacher is friendly to each of us. 我们的英语老师对我们每个人都很友好.满意望采纳!

be friendly to sb 或 be nice to sb

Be friendly to sb.对某人有友好

对某人友好的英文 be friendly to somebody or: be folksy to somebody

你好!对某人友好 Be friendly to someone

keep in with sb 就是这个 最地道的英文

For (someone) friendly

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